Bet9ja: Nigeria’s best and favourite sports book

Regular customers and VIPs regard the company founded in 2012 as the most effective, reliable and glamorous in the country. Here are the reasons for a success that doesn’t seem to end


By Robert Crowe

What is the best betting and gaming company in Nigeria? The answer is simple: Bet9ja. It is a simple answer because it comes from analysts who measure the numbers of this company and because it is the players, especially those VIP players, who say it is the best and their favourite. So let’s take a closer look at how in the space of just 10 years, this Nigerian company has managed to grow so quickly to become an industry leader, win the trust of fans and become intertwined in Nigerian culture.

It is important to note is that Bet9ja is a 100% Nigerian owned company. In fact, it is headquartered at Lagos State. It is very well established in most states of the Federation of Nigeria, a true national spread. Bet9ja started operations in 2012 after receiving its first licence and undergoing a rigorous approval and compliance process by the Lagos State Lottery Board. Bet9ja has not stopped trying to stay ahead of curve with their protection of customers through responsible gaming policies.

Bet9ja also holds the necessary licences to operate in all states where sports betting is permitted in Nigeria. The regulatory authorities have a general oversight and regulatory function over the operations of Bet9ja  to ensure the integrity and reliability of our services and to protect both stake holders and loyal customers. Such a close working relationship with the national regulatory authorities makes gaming safe and reliable – a very important aspect for players and enthusiasts that is also one of the keys to Bet9ja’s success.

Being a Nigerian company, being spread evenly across the country and being very secure in both legal and technical terms, has certainly helped Bet9ja grow rapidly.  A success that is pushing Bet9ja to continuely innovate both their platform and offerings to customers. With a planned launch of Bet9ja Lotto in 2022.

The model implemented by Bet9ja is the child of the best practices of the European gaming industry.  The company offers a fixed-odds betting service with the same standards as other international bookmakers. Bet9ja’s technology centre is based in Europe to ensure the reliability and security of both bets and all other transactions. All the major sporting events in Europe and around the world are punctually covered and offered to the Nigerian fans.

Bet9ja, just to give an idea of the quality of services offered is one of the only bookmaker in the world to constantly quote the Nigerian Premier League. This is an unmistakable sign of the company’s commitment to strengthening and supporting the country’s leagues and pushing Nigerians to continually improve the integrity of local games.

Bet9ja’s VIP programs, are a real feather in their cap. For select special customers, this company has in fact organised a number of out-of-the-ordinary ‘premium’ services such as Bet9ja’s first VIP event, the VIP Night of Champions event, where Bet9ja brought in very special guests of the calibre of Victor Ikpeba and Kizz Daniel, or the offer of unique hospitality packages on the occasion of the biggest football event in the world such as the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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