Biden Interviewed Over Classified Documents from Vice-Presidency Era

President Joe Biden was recently interviewed as part of an investigation concerning the handling of classified documents following his tenure as vice-president. This follows a separate inquiry into Donald Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified materials.

by Janice McAllister

biden-primo-presidente-riconosce-genocidio-armenoUS President Joe Biden has cooperated in an interview, spanning two days, concerning the management of classified papers post his vice-presidency term in 2017. The meeting took place at the White House, facilitated by Special Counsel Robert Hur.

This investigation was initiated in the wake of another inquiry that surfaced upon the discovery of confidential documents at former President Donald Trump’s residence. While Biden hasn’t faced any charges, it’s not uncommon for sitting presidents to participate in such investigations.

Ian Sams, a spokesperson for the Biden administration, noted that the meeting with Mr. Hur had concluded by Monday’s end. He reiterated the White House’s commitment to cooperating fully and maintaining transparency consistent with safeguarding the investigation’s sanctity.

Subsequent inquiries were directed towards the Justice Department. The contentious documents were unearthed by Biden’s assistants from an office he occupied after his vice-presidential tenure and before his presidential campaign’s onset. Two discoveries occurred; one on 2 November at the Penn Biden Center in Washington DC and the other on 20 December in the garage of his Wilmington residence. Another record emerged from a storage unit on 12 January.

Upon discovering these documents, President Biden’s team promptly handed them over to the National Archives and the Justice Department, adhering to the Presidential Records Act protocols. Mr. Biden has consistently maintained his unawareness regarding the presence of these documents.

The nature and content of these documents remain undisclosed by officials. However, insiders revealed to CNN and the New York Times that the initial ten classified documents entailed briefing materials on various nations, such as Ukraine, Iran, and the UK, from Biden’s vice-presidential period. CNN also highlighted that some were labeled as top secret, the utmost classification level.

Despite the prevailing tensions in the Middle East, this pre-scheduled interview marks a pivotal moment in the investigation. Observers speculate that Special Counsel Hur’s investigation may be drawing to a close, although the decision to charge Biden remains pending.

In a related development, Special Counsel Jack Smith is pressing charges against former President Donald Trump for allegedly possessing highly classified governmental documents at his Florida residence and golf resort post-presidency. Facing seven charges, including violations of the Espionage Act, Trump’s trial is slated for May in Miami.

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