Biden Securing the Southern Border

President Joe Biden, in an effort to secure the United States of America’s Southern border, issued a proclamation on June 4, 2024 barring migrants who cross the Southern border of the United States of America from unlawfully seeking asylum. This comes after the Biden Administration has continuously deployed countless border agents and officers to address the situation at the Southern border and confiscated record levels of fentanyl at the Southern border as well as other ports of entry.

by Olimpia Giacalone

This executive action by President Biden will bar migrants who unlawfully crossed the Southern border into the United States from receiving asylum. These actions, however, will only remain in effect when the border agents are overwhelmed by the number of migrants at the border, and will be discontinued when the flow of migrants at ports of entry along the Southern border becomes steady and manageable so as to allow the border operations to be managed safely and effectively. The action will work to streamline the process of removing individuals who do not have the legal basis to stay in the country.

Proclaimed under Immigration and Nationality Act sections 212(f) and 215(a), the executive action will suspend the entry of noncitizens into the U.S. and will make it easier for border officials to remove individuals who do not have the legal grounds to remain in the country. The Biden Administration’s recent efforts to strengthen border security and national safety comes after efforts from the United States Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of State proposed their own rules to decrease public safety and national security risks.

The announcement of new actions to secure the border comes after the Department of Justice launched a docket to expedite resolutions of immigration cases for migrants seeking asylum in violation of U.S. immigration laws. Through this effort, asylum cases will be heard more quickly by the Department of Justice. The Department of Homeland Security also proposed a rule to ensure that migrants who pose a public and/or national security risk are removed as quickly as possible in the asylum screening process rather than remaining in prolonged, costly detention before being removed. Following their cases with the Department of Justice, migrants who are found to have no legal basis for remaining in the United States will be removed more quickly by Homeland Security. The Department of State began implementing visa restrictions on business executives and government officials who benefit from unlawful migration to the U.S. In countries like Colombia and Nicaragua, some business executives and government officials capitalize on exporting and smuggling migrants into the United States unlawfully, and these officials will have their visas revoked.



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