Law and art: “Dear man be woman”, Stelva Artist in residence with Grimaldi Alliance

Francesco Sciaudone
Francesco Sciaudone

by Robert Crowe

On the occasion of the Milano Design Week 2023, Grimaldi Alliance, in collaboration with Stelva Artist in Residence, will host the exhibition “Dear man be woman” from 18 to 22 April 2023 at the Milan offices of Grimaldi Alliance, Corso Europa no. 12.

The artistic exhibition with which Grimaldi Alliance has interpreted the theme proposed by this year’s Fuorisalone, Laboratorio Futuro, is an invitation to release the energy of the feminine within us.
Dear man be woman explores the energy one uses when approaching an action with love and open- mindedness: how we act when faced with a situation, when we empathise with others, when we choose to collaborate rather than compete, when creativity triumphs and intuition takes over.

What female entrepreneurs and managers often have in common is a strong desire to make a positive contribution to the world; this exhibition aims to highlight these qualities, which are becoming increasingly important in our society, steering towards equality, meritocracy and respect for others.

The works of art on display will attempt to represent these concepts through an innovative approach to interpretation and will encourage us to reflect on the meaninglessness of mechanisms that still govern our society today, such as the gaps between roles and the inequalities that can be found in every context. The art on display aims to transcend the differences surrounding us and to remind us that we are all human beings.

Works include those by: David Shringley, Elio Marchegiani, Emmanuel Santos, Gregorio De Ferrari, Ronald Ventura, Federico Guida, Liu Ding, Ouattare Watts, Shi Xinning, Salvatore Fiume, Pierre Fouche, Athi Patra Ruga, Huang Yan.
The exhibition will also be available in immersive mode at the Stelva Metamuseum.

This event was made possible thanks to the tenacious will of Francesco Sciaudone, Managing Partner of Grimaldi Alliance and Gianvirgilio Cugini, Head of Grimaldi Alliance Switzerland.

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