Liberia’s Presidential Race Tightens with Impending Run-off

A close electoral race in Liberia between President George Weah and opposition leader Joseph Boakai has led to the announcement of a run-off vote set for November 14th. This election comes as a crucial test for the former soccer star, Weah, and his administration’s stance on corruption.

by Fatima Abass

In a recent development, the electoral commission of Liberia confirmed the need for a presidential run-off, with neither current President George Weah nor opposition leader Joseph Boakai achieving the majority required in the initial voting process.

Weah currently holds a marginal lead with 43.83% of the votes, closely trailed by Boakai at 43.44%, as per the complete tally from all polling stations, disclosed by the country’s election commission.

Davidetta Browne Lansanah, the commission’s chairperson, officially announced that the decisive run-off vote is scheduled for November 14. Notably, the recent October 10 election witnessed a remarkable voter turnout, with a record 78.86% of the approximately 2.4 million registered voters casting their ballots.

This election stands as a pivotal moment for the 57-year-old Weah, a former soccer prodigy. His first term as president drew criticism from both domestic opposition parties and international allies, who believed he did not take adequate measures against prevailing corruption. In response, Weah has sought a renewed mandate, appealing to the electorate for an extended period to realize his vision. Among his pledges, he vowed to focus on the revitalization of Liberia’s deteriorating infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on road construction.

Liberia, scarred by the repercussions of two devastating civil wars between 1989 and 2003 that resulted in over 250,000 casualties, and the deadly Ebola epidemic from 2013 to 2016, is on the path to recovery and stabilization.

Contrastingly, Boakai, aged 78, positions himself as the alternative to Weah’s perceived mismanagement. His campaign fervently highlights the urgency to salvage Liberia from the alleged shortcomings of the current administration.

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