Shooting Incident Near Naomi Biden’s Residence Prompts Secret Service Action

An investigation is underway following a Secret Service agent-involved shooting near the Georgetown home of President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden. The shooting occurred after an attempted break-in into a government vehicle by suspected individuals, who fled the scene without any reported injuries.

by Janice McAllister

An agent of the U.S. Secret Service discharged their firearm in response to an attempted vehicle break-in near the residence of Naomi Biden, granddaughter of President Joe Biden. The event, which took place late Sunday evening in the Georgetown sector of Washington, D.C., prompted a coordinated investigation by the Secret Service and the Metropolitan Police Department.

Sources close to the matter have disclosed that the incident involved possibly three suspects attempting to forcibly enter a stationary government vehicle parked outside Naomi Biden’s home. In the ensuing interaction, a Secret Service agent fired their weapon. Fortunately, there were no casualties as a result of the gunfire. The alleged perpetrators evaded capture by escaping in a red vehicle, triggering an alert to law enforcement agencies in the vicinity.

A spokesperson for the Secret Service confirmed the sequence of events but refrained from revealing the identity of the individual under protection. The spokesperson further clarified that the swift action taken by the agents ensured that there was no immediate danger to any protected person. The shooting did not result in any physical harm, and the suspects’ attempt was thwarted promptly.

While it is not certain whether Naomi Biden was aware of the incident as it unfolded, she was subsequently briefed on the situation. Naomi, a 29-year-old lawyer practicing at Arnold & Porter, is a public figure in her own right, having recently celebrated her marriage to Peter Neal at the White House.

The Metropolitan Police Department has yet to issue a public statement in response to inquiries from ABC News regarding the incident.

This event highlights the ongoing security challenges faced by the family members of high-profile government officials and the critical role of the Secret Service in mitigating such threats. The investigation into the attempted break-in and the subsequent shooting is ongoing, as authorities work to understand the full scope of the incident and apprehend those responsible.

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