Western Afghanistan Shaken by Second Major Earthquake Within a Week

Days after two devastating earthquakes claimed over 1,000 lives in western Afghanistan, the region experienced another significant tremor. The quake, with a magnitude of 6.3, caused further distress in an area already grappling with destroyed homes and a lack of essential supplies.

by Ahmed Khalifa

Western Afghanistan was jolted awake on Wednesday morning by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, centered 17 miles north of the city of Herat. This came on the heels of two powerful tremors over the weekend, which resulted in the death of more than 1,000 individuals.

Health authorities report over 100 injuries from this most recent quake, necessitating hospital treatment. Many affected by the previous earthquakes had already been living outdoors due to the destruction of their residences, compounding the vulnerability of the populace.

Humanitarian organizations working in the region emphasize an acute shortage of basic necessities such as food, blankets, and other relief materials.

A local from central Herat recounted her harrowing experience to the BBC. She narrated waking up in sheer terror and fleeing her house, which had miraculously withstood the previous tremors. Reflecting on her ordeal, she stated, “I’ve never felt such proximity to death,” noting her desperate escape to the city’s outskirts. Like many others, she had been taking refuge in makeshift tents since the initial earthquake.

The earthquake on the prior Saturday primarily affected Zindajan, a district located about 40km from Herat. Photographic evidence from the region paints a grim picture, with numerous homes, ill-equipped to handle the seismic activity, completely demolished.

Geographically, Afghanistan’s location makes it susceptible to earthquakes. The Hindu Kush mountain range, in particular, experiences frequent tremors due to its proximity to the juncture of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates.

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