Chicago is gearing up to welcome the excellence of Italian wine in October with Vinitaly USA

The event, scheduled for October 20th and 21st, 2024, will be organized by the main entities promoting Made in Italy worldwide and will host over 1,000 buyers from across North America.

The 56th edition of Vinitaly, the renowned fair dedicated to the wine and spirits sector held annually in the city of Verona, has recently concluded. With over half a century of history, Vinitaly serves as the main showcase for Italian wine companies, allowing them to present their excellence and tell their stories in what has become an international reference point for producers, buyers, experts, and wine enthusiasts. The prestige and caliber of the event are reflected in the influx of thousands of visitors from around the world and its crucial role in
promoting Italian wine in the global market. As evidence of this, the last edition attracted 97 thousand participants, also recording an increase in foreign operators, reaching 30,070 (31% of the total). The work of Veronafiere, together with the essential contribution of ICE Agency, has enabled the attraction and hosting of 1,200 top buyers – 20% more than the previous edition –
from 65 countries.

Regarding foreign presence at Vinitaly 2024, there has been an increase in operators from Germany, the United Kingdom, China, and Canada (+6%) and from Japan (15%). Once again, however, the United States takes the lead with a contingent of 3,700 operators present at the fair (+8% compared to 2023). This last figure is not surprising considering that the United States still constitutes the largest market for Italian wine, with exports reaching $2.4 billion in 2023.
Based on these data and the growth prospects of a market with significant untapped potential like the American one, the Vinitaly.USA 2024 project is rooted, which will bring the tested Vinitaly format to the American territory.

Vinitaly.USA 2024 will take place in a captivating location such as Navy Pier, hosting a vast exhibition space located in the heart of Chicago, and will create a direct commercial channel between Italian producers and over 1,000 buyers from the Midwest and across North America. To maximize the professional aspect of the fair, the event will maintain the centrality of the B2B formula and, following the success of the previous edition, will reintroduce the innovative
matchmaking system that will allow exhibitors and buyers to schedule their meetings directly through the official event app. At the end of the second day, the doors will also open to consumers, allowing exhibitors to engage with the broader American public and understand their tastes and preferences. Vinitaly.USA will contribute to strengthening the position of Italian
wine as a product of excellence and will therefore represent a significant opportunity for all companies aiming to target the US market, meeting a wide range of buyers decisively and strategically with the verticality necessary to offer valid solutions to various exhibitor profiles, including importers, distributors, restaurant groups, and large retail organizations of various sizes and with different needs. Beyond the purely commercial aspect, through tasting sessions,
workshops, seminars, and side events, Vinitaly.USA will offer a deep and comprehensive experience, also serving as a networking and entertainment hub for all operators in the wineindustry.

Vinitaly.USA will be organized by Fiere Italiane, Veronafiere, the Italian American Chamber of Commerce Midwest, and the Italian Trade and Investment Agency (ICE) and was officially presented in Verona in the presence of Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Matteo Zoppas, President of the Italian Trade and Investment Agency (ICE), Federico Bricolo, President of Veronafiere, Maurizio
Danese, CEO of Veronafiere, and Maurizio Muzzetta, President of Fiere Italiane. Building on the success of the inaugural event held in 2023, this lays the foundation for an even more ambitious project, bringing together the symbols of promoting Made in Italy worldwide, with the aim of centralizing the offer of Italian wine in the United States in an event capable of providing a
strong boost to the Italian wine sector.

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