Domenico Arcuri, the Italian problem solver

by Jerome Lagersie 

There is a man called upon to solve every kind of industrial problem in Italy. A man that all governments look to for answers to every complex issue. He is the CEO of the Italian state-owned company Invitalia, that overseas the country’s development. His name is Domenico Arcuri. Because of his problem solving abilities, Arcuri was called to deal with the Covid-19 virus epidemic, when Italy was the second country in the world after China affected by the Coronavirus.

Domenico Arcuri is the easiest answer in Italy to untangle the knots. That’s why Italian government chose him to save Italy’s largest steel company, ILVA, in the south of the country, after a series of mistakes made by politics and the difficulty of private operators in combining environment and industrial development.

Arcuri was also called upon to resolve the Whirpool affair in Italy, with the US multinational company’s decision to close its Naples plant. The Italian Minister for Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, asked Invitalia to find a solution to save hundreds of jobs.

When the problem of saving the famous Italian fashion company Corneliani, founded in 1930 by Alfredo Corneliani, arose in Italy, Arcuri was once again called to save the day. The operation was successful, just as the rescues of two other companies before: Canepa S.p.a, a world leader in silk and fine fabrics, and Sicamb Spa, a company in the aeronautics sector considered strategic for Italy’s defence and national security sector. The latter was quickly saved thanks to the intervention of the Italian manager, who is now ready for un international career and opened to offers from the USA or UK.

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