MBDA: Between record orders (+10%) and innovation, defence leadership confirmed

Against a backdrop of growing global demand, MBDA marks a new record for orders and presses for innovation to meet emerging demands in the defence sector. CEO Béranger: “Strong pressure to accelerate volumes, but 2023 was an extraordinary year”.

Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA

In the defence industry landscape, MBDA emerges with extraordinary results, marking a new all-time high in its order book, exceeding EUR 25 billion by the end of 2023. Despite lower-than-expected revenue growth of €4.45 billion in 2023, the company confirms its operational and financial strength, evidenced by a current operating profit of €498 million.

The increase in orders reflects strong demand in the air, naval and land defence sectors, with significant contracts obtained both internationally and from the four domestic countries (Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy). Among the most notable contracts are those for the Aster family of missiles and the SAMP/T NG air defence systems, demonstrating the widespread confidence in MBDA’s know-how and innovation.

Éric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, underlines the change in the global landscape and customer demands, emphasising the urgency of accelerating volumes, innovation and new technologies such as artificial intelligence. During the 2024 CEO Press Conference in Paris, Béranger outlined 2023 as “an extraordinary year” and expressed support for European initiatives that define a clear ambition in the defence sector, in which MBDA is already deeply involved with 31 projects.

Looking ahead, MBDA is positioned on a trajectory of continued growth, benefiting from increasing defence budgets at global and European level. The company’s commitment to modernisation projects and the development of new military capabilities highlights its role as a leader in providing advanced solutions in a rapidly changing world, confirming its leading position in the field of complex weapon systems.

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